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Make a Minibus Lent Appeal 2022

Lent begins 2nd March and this year's Lent Appeal is in aid of getting our three amazing Volkhov projects set up with a minibus.

The Women's Crisis Centre, the Men's Crisis Centre and the Open Hearts Youth Group. With so many needs to meet, more suitable transport would make a huge difference. As well as school runs, hospital visits and shopping for large numbers of people, they need a minibus to cope with all their youth, and hiring transport in the past has been expensive.


Thanks to the Wesleyan Reform Union, which is committed to raising around a third, we're off to a great start leaving £8,000 still to raise.

YOU CAN HELP... making a simple donation to the value of one vehicle part. For example...

... and together we will make a minibus!

Donate to the Appeal and find out about other ways you can raise funds for this appeal click here


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