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Alina & Roman's son is extremely sick

Love Russia Charity

Meet Alina & Roman...

From a tiny flat, Alina & Roman decided to allow 13 women and their children to live there; women who need shelter, rehabilitation from drug addictions, protection from abuse and a lot of time and attention to regain stability over their lives. That was 8 years ago...

God put a desire in their hearts to see lives changed in the same way theirs were. Since then they have moved to a larger premises (which was, and still is in need of extensive repair) where they have been taking in vulnerable women and children without knowing how or where provision would come from. Always they have trusted God will provide and used their own life experiences as a witness of His power to transform lives.

The couple have taken big personal risks including selling their tiny flat for funding to take this project further with the support of a church trust. This sacrifice has meant that for many years, they have lived on site with their 4 children in just 1 room, dealing every day with the stresses and strains of other people's trauma, but also, the joys of seeing vulnerable people work through their problems and recover from lives of chaos.

Life is by no means luxury in the women's or men's centres and every resident has to contribute to the work needed to support them all including preparing 3 meals a day for everyone! Their confidence that God can move mountains because of faith is evident. They currently provide shelter for 22 women and their 24 children and 27 men in the adjacent building with potential for many more once the 3rd building is fully up and running.

Bogdan, just 5 years old has a serious cancer of the eye. His tumour is large and doctors are concerned of the risk it may spread to his brain or lymph nodes.

As you have read from their story, Alina & Roman have done so much to help other people and we would love to bless them now by helping them at this very difficult time. Their son needs treatment and it is going to be expensive. Please take a look at Bogdan's fundraising page.

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