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HOME. A basic need.

Happy Christmas! We hope you are you looking forward to a special time with friends or family. For most of us, these special times will be in our homes (or someone else's). At this lavish time of year, we can't help but remember those who don't have this luxury... the most basic need of having a home.

The projects we support in Russia address this basic need.

Transition homes for orphans, bursaries for orphan mums (so they can pay rent), and crisis centres that provide refuge for men, women and children. If you would like to pray for these projects, the people we help and us as a charity over the coming two months you can download this PRAYER DIARY as a guide.


Nellie’s husband had died. She hit rock bottom, developed an addiction and lost her daughter to an orphanage. Recently she was blessed with a home at the Women’s Crisis Centre and it changed everything. Here she fought for her health and was helped to fight for her daughter - now they have been reunited!

Through this gift of somewhere to live, people working with those in need can share the love of God daily… and many now know Him as their Saviour!

To provide the stability of home it costs £30 per month (just £1 per day) for each person like Nellie and her daughter.

This Christmas, as we think about those who don’t have a permanent home and need support, please consider any amount you can afford to give.


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