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A Tragic Turn of Events for Valya

Valya was two when she, her mum, and big sister all found refuge at the Women's Crisis Centre back in 2021 having escaped years of relentless domestic violence. By leaving and choosing safety, Valya's mum had to choose poverty for her daughters too - so when Valya's developmental delays needed medical help to rectify them, we stepped in. She surpassed all expectations and thankfully started talking.

Valya is now four and at the end of the summer, a terrible accident occurred. She ran into a large sharp object that punctured her head. She needed emergency surgery on her brain and on the arteries that control her nervous system. Valya remains in the hospital, and again our medical fund will be needed to help her through a difficult time. This Christmas our goal is to boost that medical fund through the Christmas Prescription Appeal.

Because of her accident, Valya is very likely to need long-term, costly healthcare. Getting healthcare in Russia isn't straightforward. You can read more about these problems in this other short BLOG.


To prepare for the year ahead we're aiming to raise £10,000 for people in poverty facing medical difficulty.

By donating the cost of one prescription (£9.65) you can help!

This year we are so happy because we have a match funding pot - this means that whatever you donate, it will be doubled!!


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