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'Old Round Pound' Appeal!

There's Power in the 'Old Round Pound' yet!

It’s ‘All Change’ when it comes to our wallets! Shiny new £5 notes and sparkly two tone £1 coins are in circulation and have fast become familiar pieces of pocket change. But what to do with the paper fiver & old, round pound? From October 15th 2017, the old round pound will cease to be legal tender - meaning it can no longer be spent. This is already the case for the old paper £5 note. For currency that's no longer spendable, your options are to post them to the Bank of England or, possibly get a refund from your local bank or post office….OR... ...Donate them to Love Russia to bless orphanage leavers! Just one round pound is enough for...

  • Several days bus fare

  • Phone credit to maintain contact with the Mentor they rely on

  • or a meal to keep them healthy.

Every pound really does matter and can be a huge blessing for orphanage leavers whose weekly allowance can be as low as £5 a week.

Like Helena, why not start a collection of your own or get an entire group, school or church involved?

Find an old tin or jar and use this little download to decorate it! Download Collection Tin Resource > Download A4 Poster > Tell others what it's for and display it to encourage others to give their old round pounds too! If you'd like little leaflets about Love Russia to display with it, please ask! All the best with your own collections to help orphanage leavers with little things that mean so much.

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