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Why Legacy Lodge will be Life Changing

As promised, here’s a more in-depth look at our next challenge ahead - Legacy Lodge!

Let’s look at why this project will be life-changing.

Childhood and teenage years are the most formative times in our lives. They shape us as we witness relationships (good and bad), and as we begin to define our life goals. For the youth attending the Open Hearts Youth Group, this time is even more crucial.

Each has suffered adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). They have parents who are addicts, or they endure neglect, poverty, and even abuse in some cases. Research shows that ACEs often lead to a cycle of what they have seen and learned as children, making addiction, poor mental health and destructive relationships an almost certain part of their futures.

Fortunately, there is a growing amount of evidence that intervention can reduce the impact that ACEs typically have on children.

The immediate goal for Legacy Lodge is to meet basic needs… then, help these young people alter their lives with nurture, love, stability and teaching. We pray this will reduce their chances of mental health problems, self-harm and suicide, becoming perpetrators (or victims) in future romantic relationships, and serious drug use…. as well as increasing their chances of accepting the Gospel.

You can see why we are passionate about this!

Next time, we’ll look at how this will be made possible. If you would like to donate or read more about Legacy Lodge click the button below. 


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