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A Story Offering Hope

As you might have read over the last month or so, Legacy Lodge is going to be important in bringing about change for children and teens in crisis situations.

Max is a young man who has already benefitted from the care given by those who will run Legacy Lodge.

Max’s family had broken down after his father left them. Poverty meant they had to stay in hostels surrounded by addicts and it was during this time that his mum became an alcoholic. The children were placed in orphanages for a time - but Max took action; to get his mum help, and keep their family together (see video).

Once at the Women's Crisis Centre he felt safe and happy. He was surrounded by people who understood his trauma. With help, Max’s mum returned to being a sober and caring mum, but he and his brothers also needed help to recover.

In the years that followed, the Open Hearts Youth Group (OHYG) got up and running and Max was one of the first to benefit. A personal recovery counselling programme helped him heal and forgive his parents while studying the Word of God. It wasn’t long before Maxim gave his heart to the Lord and was baptised.

He is now 18 and one of the leaders of the OHYG. It's amazing to have watched him grow into the young man God intends him to be.

Today, Max has a casual job but is not yet in a position to support himself. While the crisis centres are willing to support him, these vital beds are primarily for women and children escaping domestic violence, homeless men, and addicts who desperately need rehabilitation just like his mum did.

Legacy Lodge would be the perfect stepping-stone for Maxim and others like him till they are ready to support themselves.


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