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Can you help send a Child to Summer Camp?

In a few days....

14 UK volunteers, 12 interpreters,. 2 LR mentors and 2 LR staff are heading to a Camp Gideon in Estonia to bless between 60 & 80 vulnerable children from local Russian orphanages (25% of the population are Russian) and local foster homes. They will provide for them an amazing week of activity, games, drama, music, fun, love and laughter!

In addition to the obvious FUN benefits, Summer Camp is AMAZING because...

a) It encourages friendship across cultural borders. In a world where there's often mistrust and a media bias, on both sides, these barriers are broken down.

b) It provides rest, respite, fresh ideas and support for orphanage directors, staff, foster parents and carers. It gives them a break from the rest of the year when they do their best for large numbers of children non-stop.

c) It provides opportunities to share God's love and demonstrates faith in action!

d) It validates foreigners & adults to orphans who haven't had many positive experiences of the human race so far. Many have come from environments where adults have badly let them down and society can be suspicious of foreigners.

e) It leaves the children with memories filled with good, positive experiences because of a week of being built up, supported and introduced to new skills and hobbies.

These are just some of the positive effects that Summer Camp has and we've not even touched on the wonderful experience and blessing it is for our volunteers!

Can you help us get as many children to Summer Camp as possible?

It costs Love Russia £16 each day and night per child for food, accommodation, craft and activity equipment and travel or £80 for the whole 5 days and nights.

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