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25 years of the Love Russia team!

This week we have been sharing some of the memorable events in LR’s 25 year history as we prepare for our 25th anniversary in July! All of the projects LR is involved in would not be achieved without the staff, trustees, volunteers and Mentors in Russia. It is amazing to think that there are hundreds of people all over the UK, Russia, the USA and many other countries who have such a heart for orphans and have been diligently supporting our work.

We have seen 3 CEO’s in our 25 years – Noel who founded the charity, Alex who championed the Genesis project and summer camps and now Debbie who has expanded our work to Transition Homes and Women’s Crisis Centres. Each has helped grow the charities work so that now we are supporting more orphans and vulnerable families than ever before.

Alongside the CEO we have had many staff members who have had a number of roles depending on the needs of the charity. We have seen administrative managers, children and youth officers, fundraising managers, summer camp coordinators, financial managers and development officers! All have played a key role in LR and we would not have been able to do our work in Russia without them! The newest member of our staff is Anna who has taken on the role of Development Officer, aiming to share our work with even more people in the UK!

Anna says, “Hi, I’m Anna, the new Development Officer. I am a Psychology graduate who has been working since graduation in a mental health team focusing on working with the effects of complex emotional trauma. This has opened my eyes to the massive impact childhood can have on an individual’s whole life; physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and educationally, so I am excited to become part of a charity which seeks to address some of these needs. I am looking forward to learning more about the charity and helping others learn about it too!”

We are so excited to have Anna join our team and are looking forward to what she will bring to this role!

If you would like to become part of the LR team, we currently have vacancies for trustees. We are looking for new trustees to start in the Autumn and the deadline for applications is 16th July so you still have some time! To request an information and application pack please email or visit

We hugely value each and every one of our staff members, volunteers and Mentors past and present. They have all played a vital role in ensuring that our work in Russia can happen. What a team we are blessed to have!

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