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A different kind of Family

'Group 6' consists of 10 or more orphans supervised by one carer. They are known as a 'Family Group'.

At this orphanage the children are divided into Family Groups. Each group is formed from the children who end up here because of parental addictions, neglect and abandonment. 'Group 6' are among some of the more fortunate. These children have regular access to the 'outside' through days out with a Love Russia mentor who takes an interest in their lives. When they're 16, and it's their time to leave, it's so important that they have an adult they know they can trust and turn to for help. We recently spent time with group 6 and their carer during one of these 'outside' treats. This time there were 3 new children. In the next blog we'll write and tell you about Dimitry but today we'd like you to meet... Andrei and Yana *Andrei is 9 and *Yana is 8. This brother and sister have been part of group 6 for just 2 months. They were removed from their alcoholic mum and dad by the courts. Their sister, just 4 years old, is at the same orphanage but cannot be in their group until she is 6 (school age). Being younger than them she could well be adopted and the consequence of this would be losing contact with her brother and sister. Their carer *Lena told us about Andrei and Yana's developmental problems due to previous neglect, that they did not know how to feed themselves using cutlery, she said ‘it was like they had lived in a cage’. Her concern at the 'feral'-like state they'd arrived in was heartfelt. Since being part of group 6 these 2 children have received some education and are settling in gradually but their mother has not tried to get in touch during the 2 months since her children were removed by the courts. This total lack of contact is a strong indicator that they are unlikely to ever return home. Their ages mean they are highly unlikely to ever be considered for adoption and will therefore live in an orphan institution until they are of age. We are thankful that they have Lena as their carer and that when they are of age, they have a friend in their Love Russia mentor who can help them on the road to independence. *Names have been changed for privacy and protection.

For orphans to experience the 'outside' Love Russia needs funding for days out so Andrei, Yana and others like them, feel special and loved. Christmas is coming (!) and a Making Memories gift for just £6 will help throughout the coming year with BBQs, Pizza evenings, cinema nights, ice skating and more!

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