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A Life-Line For The Children

ALL babies and children should have the chance of a


You can help achieve this!

First off we want to wish you a very blessed Christmas! This one is going to be different for us all.... visiting family, Christmas parties and celebrating the birth of Jesus won't be done in ways we are used to... but one thing can remain the same. Our desire to help and be there for others.

This year we want to particularly remember the youngest of those we support.

Many children classed as ‘at risk’ live at the crisis centre or attend support groups where their vulnerable mothers seek help.

Starting with the essentials, Love Russia helps with food, clothing, shelter and baby needs. We are also committed to encouraging education by helping with equipment. And for their parents we help with long-term solutions; life skills teaching to make sure children are well cared for and counselling for addiction rehabilitation and recovery from the domestic abuse many have endured. This kind of support helps prevent more children entering orphanages.

£15 could provide a warm coat for a child from a family in poverty this winter

£25 could buy food for families with children they are struggling to feed.

£50 could provide 1 month of refuge at a crisis centre for a mum with her children.

ANY amount will be gratefully received🙏 DONATE NOW

Have a very blessed Christmas time and we thank you sincerely for your prayers and gifts for the children we support.

With love and blessings, The LR team.


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