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A Lifeline for Lev

Lev has already been through a lot in his 10 years. His parents' volatile relationship led to separation. His dad moved away, his mum turned to alcohol and Lev was taken to live with his grandmother.

It all changed again for Lev when his parents decided to reconcile, take him back, and move him to another new place - Volkhov. While he is pleased to be with his parents; a new town, a new school and starting again with no friends was unsettling.

Thankfully, Volkhov is the home of our Open Hearts Youth Group (OHYG), and it’s changed his life. The other children are from turbulent families too, so it’s a safe space for Lev to talk about his problems and feel less alone. He has new friends and has even been to a real basketball match with the group, fulfilling one of his dreams!

Lev’s family still struggles, but this community Lev is part of is making a difference to the whole family. His dad is a builder and helps the Women’s Crisis Centre (where the OHYG meets) with caretaking jobs that provide the family with some income… and when Lev’s mum is ready to address her reliance on alcohol, the Women’s Crisis Centre is the perfect place for her to get the support she’ll need.

Open Hearts Youth Group runs at least once a week, allowing Lev and other children to be fed and receive clothing donations alongside all the social and emotional benefits of the group.

Dasha runs this group voluntarily, but she needs help funding outings and resources for the increasing number of children in her group. Please consider donating today.


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