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A Team Approach to Orphan Care

A Team Approach to Orphan Care

32 Orphan teens with learning difficulties live and study together at Poshipovo College and 11 children are growing up in a family group at Ribnoe orphanage. Both groups are far from any town and have few visitors. Their lives are limited and isolating but Slava has a heart for them. He visits to play games, has picnics, and teaches about life beyond the orphanage system; sometimes taking them out for the day.

We all need to be noticed.

There is a huge need for connection from these young people groups. When Slava is due a visit, messages like “When you are coming?”, “Is it really true that you are coming today?”...come flooding in. The care staff love these events too and comment that “The kids are much better behaved and more obedient for us after your visits for several days!”

Building a Network.

Today there’s a network of orphans in their late 20s who’ve experienced Slava’s support for many years. Now they want to give back, so the last event was managed entirely by them! Sergey, Kolya, Alexander, Valya and Ulyana have taken up the mantle to disciple others and share their own experiences of adaptation from institution to independence. With so many orphans leaving the system, it’s wonderful that Slava has raised new leaders to work alongside him!

Anton recently left Poshipovo as a student but loves joining in with football and fellowship at these events. He is working as a gardener but, without the support of an institution, independence is overwhelming him. Slava plans on spending more time discipling Anton as well as Kostya who has known Slava most of his life - it won’t be long before he is also on his own needing support.

“We do it to support the kids, to connect and be their friends - especially in preparation for when they are no longer supported by an institution and face life alone,” says Slava.

Funding for food, transport, sports equipment and Bible resources are needed for these events. You can help. One of this year’s Alternative Christmas Gifts is called Days Out’. It costs £12 and will support events just like this. We also need prayer warriors who care about these projects because it takes years of support to overcome trauma and neglect. Pray for this team as they plan and prepare to show love and care to orphans now and in the future.


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