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Hope in the Midst of Challenge

It’s heart breaking knowing this cost of living crisis will push families to breaking point. Imagine that pressure times 25! This is what Alina and her team at the Women’s Crisis Centre are up against - 25 families in crisis all relying on them for their every need - resources are stretched and the pressure overwhelming.

In a cost-of-living crisis, our contribution is not going as far as it used to. Their local community, who live in dire poverty too, are doing their best to help but it’s a battle to keep going. We must pray for God to make a way.

Despite financial worries, seeing lives transformed, baptisms and weddings encourage Alina and her team. Two of those inspirations are Nellie and Lev, both ex-addicts who recovered at the Men’s and Women’s Crisis Centres. Nellie was in prison on drug charges and her daughter in an orphanage. With support, she recovered and was reunited with her daughter. Both she and Lev gave their lives to Christ and were married in August!

“I once lost everything… God has given me a new life with people who have become my family”- Nellie

Seeing her dramatic change, Nellie is a great inspiration to the other women. You can be part of these transformations too which starts by meeting basic needs. For Nellie and Lev, it was a free bed in a crisis centre which set them on the path to recovery.

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