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Sanctuary for kids from homes of chaos

Volkhov, over 100 km east of St. Petersburg, is full of people living in poverty with many earning just £38 a week. Poverty has resulted in increased levels of addiction and child neglect in this area. For the children lacking care and attention at home, there is now hope through the Open Hearts Youth Group (OHYG), which Love Russia has been supporting since it began two years ago.

The OHYG is run from the crisis centre premises. The group provides vulnerable children with basic needs such as clothes and food, as well as much-needed time and attention. The age range is varied, and has grown so much that Dasha the project leader has had to split the group in two!

Lana is the eldest and has been receiving help from the centre for several years. Her family is extremely poor, her development is delayed and she lacks attention from her mum who is preoccupied by her own troubles. Through being part of the group, Lana is learning that she is wanted and has gifts to offer.

Shura is 12 and has also had a difficult life. His sister died and his dad is a drug addict. The OHYG provides him with some normality and he is making friends. There are lots of activities organised for the children and the good news of the Bible is shared with them - vulnerable children are finally receiving the nurture they need and are enjoying being kids.

Dasha’s willingness to serve has created a supportive and growing community, providing stability for children from chaotic homes. The work of the OHYG is a testament to what can be accomplished with love, support, and determination.

In the next few blogs from us you’ll find out more about the children who rely on this project as their sanctuary.



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