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Uplifting News in Time for Christmas!

Do you remember 12-year-old Katya who we fundraised for back in August? She has a long list of congenital medical problems that were going to be costly to address. You'll be pleased to know that thanks to your generous donations, her appointments and treatment are underway! She's visited a neurosurgeon and a urologist and Alina (the WCC manager) and Katya’s mum are over the moon that she's been accepted to a particular clinic known to have some of the best specialists in the area.

Here she is to tell you herself!

The neurologist has already created a special curriculum for Katya’ s learning as she finds this difficult by the usual methods. She can still attend school, but when treatments need to be worked around, she now has online support available to her. Her mum is so grateful as she would never have been able to get all this support for Katya by herself.

Other wonderful news is that Katya's mum Nastya, who was receiving treatment for cancer, is now in remission! Nastya is going through a divorce to finally lay to rest the part of her life where she was abused, addicted and living in poverty, but she is in good spirits. Alina is supporting her through this process which will hopefully secure maintenance for Katya and her little sister Natalia. Today, in contrast to when she arrived at the Women’s Crisis Centre downtrodden and very ill, mum Nastya has become a happy and involved resident, contributing a great deal to life at the centre, preparing meals and caring for others. Praise God and thank you if you have been praying for her.

The impact that your support has had on this family is amazing.

If you would like to help more families by helping them overcome medical difficulties, please consider supporting this year’s Christmas Prescription Appeal so that we can respond to more healthcare needs than ever before.


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