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We need your help now more than ever....

As a charity we're used to our income going up and down 📉 Coronavirus is having a devastating impact on so many people's incomes … for us it has meant missing fundraising events and opportunities that would usually give a much needed boost and help maintain our income. 💔 This month we've seen a worrying drop - to the point where meeting our regular commitments next month could prove difficult. The vulnerable people we support in Russia had so little to start with... Of the 24 women at a crisis centre, only 4 have been able to hold on to jobs that contribute to the running of the refuge that is home to more than 30 children... these fulltime jobs pay just £80 per month 💷

Young mothers are in need of food hand-outs, kids clothes in time for the winter and some are finding it almost impossible to meet rent payments each month. We are especially concerned about the children our projects impact. We cannot leave them hungry or without warm clothes this winter 😔

🙏 Please pray for our income, that we can continue to support these already impoverished people.

Please also SHARE THIS BLOG ...just reaching one more person could double the prayer and financial support we will receive.

Donate to help the children

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