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How Great Thou Art!

On March 24th we received this message from our dear friends and Mentors to many orphanage leavers and struggling orphan mums...

“Please pray regarding our vehicle. Our 16 year-old family car, which was never sufficient for the needs of our ministry, is coming to the end of its useful life! Since we often help orphanage leavers make dilapidated rooms habitable, transporting building materials and large pieces of furniture in our car has been a problem! Hiring vans is costly and dismantling furniture takes lots of effort and time. We take single orphan mums and their babies to church too. It’s almost impossible to fit our family and others plus their babies and equipment in one car. Replacing our car with a minibus would allow us to help many more simultaneously! Yan & Nadya“

After talking things through we found that, after the sale of their old car, there would be a shortfall of around £5,000. 48 hours earlier, Love Russia had received a donation ‘to support any ministry where there is a need’ to the exact sum of, you guessed it, £5000!

Still in the process of thanking the benefactor we checked they were happy for their donation to be used to expand the St Petersburg orphan ministry. Through our correspondence we discovered that this donation was born entirely out of the royalties from the UK’s favourite hymn: How Great Thou Art! Our God really does work in wonderful ways!

The next stage to help expand the orphan ministry in St Petersburg is through our Transition Home Appeal

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