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The Transition Home Appeal So Far!

We're 6 months into the BIGGEST appeal Love Russia has ever attempted!

As we approached the end of the year, we wanted to encourage everyone that the campaign to raise £100,000 towards a NEW Transition Home for the St Petersburg area is going well. So far, with your support, we have raised 35% of our total! We're hopeful that we will achieve target before this time next year. Transition Homes are so important for young people like Vadim...

This photo of Vadim was taken just before Christmas. He recently 'graduated', which simply means 'told to leave', one of the worst orphanages in the Ryazan area. He had no place to live, no job and no money. One of our Mentors was able to offer him a bed in a Transition Home. During his time in the home his Mentor helped him to source and complete the paperwork he needed to claim his government room, found him work experience and supplied him with a small bursary helping him to buy food. A room eventually became available, but as usual, it is dilapidated and unlivable - a bath full of rubble, paper and brick work falling off the walls. He needs time to rectify this learn more about life outside an institution. His Mentor will of course continue to help and make it possible for Vadim to move into this more permanent place of his own. Transition Homes are vital. Preventing homelessness for many orphanage leavers during what is an extremely vulnerable time after leaving an institution. Vadim, our Mentors, and all of us at LR are so grateful for the support given so far. If you'd like to donate toward the New Transition Home please click the link below.

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