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House of Mercy - The Men's Crisis Centre

The stories of homeless people are as varied in number as those experiencing it; and the men’s crisis centre sees examples of this every day.

Of the 20 men currently at the centre...

  • Some grew up in orphanages, but did not manage to adapt to life outside the regime.

  • Some have been victims of scammers.

  • Some have lost work and secure accommodation, and turned to drugs and alcohol and are now addicted.

  • There are those who have returned from prison and been rejected by family.

  • And half are elderly and disabled men with serious health issues.

Yuri is 69 years old and was addicted to alcohol for a long time. He'd lost everything. His wife had died, and no one would take on someone of his age for work. The people who brought him to the centre explained that he had nowhere to live, that he'd been a victim of scammers and had been sleeping in a piglet shelter. On top of that, he had developed diabetes, a condition that was impossible for Yuri to manage due to his living conditions, his age and the expensive medicine that he cannot get help with as he is not from the St Petersburg region. He also needs a special diet, which the centre are finding difficult to provide. Most meals here are simple soups and bulgur wheat (as they are cheap and easy to prepare for the large number of residents) but this is not sufficient for Yuri’s needs.

The men’s centre is basic and extremely rundown. But each of them is so grateful for the roof over their heads, the care and simple provisions this centre provides. Yuri says,

“I love being at the centre. I am enjoying the community, I have made friends, it’s safe. Here I have peace and quiet”.

There are many needs for all the residents including a boiler so they can wash and new bunk beds as the existing ones are broken. But Yuri's needs are even more urgent. This man’s health will deteriorate rapidly without the essential nutrition and medication he needs (Insulin, test strips and a device for measuring blood).

Thank you so much for your continued encouragement of our work. You can donate to the men's centre to help people like Yuri here.

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