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Change the world for ONE person

We LOVE this quote because one of our aims as a charity is to always try to stop for the one…

‘Helping one person won’t change the whole world,

but it will change the whole world for that one person’

Years ago, through Galina’s work with orphanage leavers, she saw young orphan mums forced to put their children in orphanages due to poverty. Because of her compassion and desire to change this outcome, we supported her as she set up a group to help individual orphan mums emotionally and financially.

They try and manage on incomes as low as £130 per month but the dramatic rise in living costs means Galina is being asked for more help, more often, for the most basic of needs – FOOD.

“Without help, these mums would not eat.” – Galina.

Their poverty has not been eradicated and their living conditions are still poor. Yet, despite having some of the worst starts in life, not one of her group has given up on parenting. ALL of them do their best, still loving and caring for their children - we are so proud of them!

This Christmas we are appealing for help to make sure none of these families go without food. This may not change the world, but it will certainly change the world for one family, and demonstrate that others care. Please help these families continue being the best parents they can be.

Please give what you can today > Christmas Appeal 'Feed a Family'


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