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Help us with a New Life-Changing Project for Vulnerable Children

Really hope you'll join us this Lent for the BIG fundraising challenge we have ahead of us!

Legacy Lodge needs funding - a brand new building that will always be open and provide shelter and support for children and teens in need as well as a permanent place where the Open Hearts Youth Group can meet!

The reality is that many teens in Russia experience violence at home, terrible poverty, have a parent with an addiction, and are at risk of becoming homeless.

They cannot all stay at the existing men's or women's crisis centres which are in constant demand and at capacity. It would also be inappropriate for teenagers to be sharing rooms with people going through withdrawal or the sick and elderly.

We have been discussing and praying about a solution to this for several months and an exciting decision has been made!

Land in a central location, owned by Alina and Roman (WCC manager and pastor to both centres), is big enough to build on.

Plans have been drawn up to create a wooden structured build that will look something like the computer-generated image.

It's going to cost £100,000. This should be enough to cover everything, from the build to the final furnishings!

They already have women who are keen to be 'live-in mothers' to the children and teens who will need this place.

Together we achieved something incredible during Lent last year in securing the land for both crisis centres. This year, it's an even BIGGER amount of funding to find but we trust in God's provision, timing and purposes for this project!


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