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Our 12 Charity Projects (Part 2)

In our last blog we told you about six of our 12 ongoing projects; projects that are only made possible by our regular donors. We're so grateful for these kind of donations as they allow us to plan ahead, maintain and grow our support groups, crisis centres and other projects that benefit so many in need.

If you'd like to become a regular donor, we'd like to thank you with a chocolate treat! Read on to find out more.

Here are projects 7 to 12...

Aim: To assist orphan mums and children in poverty, improve parenting, and help them lead more stable lives.

Financial Needs: A £20 - £25 monthly bursary goes to each mum (exchange rate dependent). They use this for nappies, children's clothes, medicines etc. We also support Alina's visiting expenses.

Aim: To support young adult orphanage leavers from Yelatma.

Financial Needs: Luba cares for 10 orphanage leavers but survives on a very small pension. She needs our support to continue her ministry as she is consistently generous with her time and finances.

Aim: To provide stability for neglected youth from vulnerable homes.

Financial Needs: Sergey C and his wife support five young people from his local area. Each receive our bursary to help them with the essentials they lack either due to neglect or their families’ meagre incomes.

Aim: To increase the chance of employment and reduce poverty for those whose childhood education was poor including orphans and those with disabilities.

Financial Needs: Max heads up this enterprise for underprivileged young people. Lessons are subsidised by us and we commit to students for a whole school year.

Aim: To help underprivileged teens aged 16 - 19 (orphans or others from highly dysfunctional backgrounds) remain in education.

Financial Needs: We support 32 young people on this project with £20 - £25 monthly bursaries (exchange rate dependent) for nine months each year. This makes the difference between them finishing their education or having to work to supplement the family income.

Aim: To provide a safe refuge for 50+ women and children escaping domestic abuse, a programme of counselling for those needing to recover from addiction and shelter for those who are homeless.

Financial Needs: Continued year-round support towards running costs. We aim to achieve this through regular donors and family sponsorships. It’s likely we will need further funding for the heating system once a solution is found.

So that's all of them - our 12 current projects! If you'd like to refresh your memory, please refer to previous blog.

Support all our ongoing projects with ANY AMOUNT and claim the nation's favourite chocolate treat!


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