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Shower Mini-Appeal

At Poshipovo, Svetlana (above) plus 30 other orphan teens and 24 young people with learning difficulties have all been sharing just one shower between them all for years!

The shower isn't pretty. The glass is broken and sharing it with so many others is unsanitary (see photo on the left for the ONLY shower they have access to)

Valery, the director, cares about his young people and has recently begun getting involved in the activities that Love Russia mentor Slava runs for the young people there, but he doesn't have the funds to improve their living conditions.

There is space in the bathroom for two more showers which would totally transform the hygiene practices of the young people who live there.

The cost to buy and install two new showers is £1,000 and orphanage graduate Ruslan who we have supported over the years will get the job done!

This is a chance for us to show Valery and all the young people who live at Poshipovo that they are cared for and have our support.

We are unable to build extras like this into our regular budget so we rely on funds received through one-off fundraisers to be able to support unexpected but completely necessary projects like this.


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