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When there’s NOTHING left for Food

I’m sure you agree that ‘living within your means’ is a prudent rule to live by. It can be hard, but often there’s something we can find to cut back on.

But, what if there isn’t?

After all these years, hearing the actual figures of what those we support earn, is still shocking. Living within their means is not possible.

This pie chart represents a single person on the minimum wage in Russia. The 11% represents £20.90 left over after rent for everything else - including food. But, buying groceries now costs the same in Russia and in the UK, about £125 per person, so this doesn't add up.

Yulia (pictured above at a Love Russia free clothing giveaway), is an orphan mum we support. Even though she works full-time, her monthly income is around £190. If she bought enough food for her family, she’d have £65 for rent, utilities and everything else. The result of this is that she and others we support CAN’T BUY ENOUGH FOOD - Food is forced off their list of priorities.

Unless we help them.

It's Giving Tuesday and the start of out Christmas Appeal. This year we are appealing for help so that mums like Yulia don’t have to make the choice between paying rent or feeding their children. One week's shopping is around £29. Whatever you can spare will be a huge help.


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