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Over 60 and homeless.

Not all the women who arrive at the crisis centre are young to middle-aged women with children. Some have been thrust into poverty much later in life and become homeless and neglected. Meet Marta...

This is Marta. She is 60 years old and once had 'a normal life'. After her husband died she could no longer support herself. Her adult son still lived with her and refused to help - he was a drug addict. He held wild drug-fuelled parties at their flat and Marta was getting in the way of him having his 'fun'. Eventually he threw Marta out. She endured years of sleeping rough and turned to alcohol for comfort. Marta was found living in a dark, damp basement. It was during this time that she lost her identity documents making it impossible to apply for help from the state. Due to health problems including incontinence and her missing documents, no shelter or home for the elderly would consider taking her in. Only the crisis centre was willing to give her a home.

Although Marta is not one of the mums, which the centre is most known for helping, she has become one of the family. Considered as one of the 'grandmothers' to the young children there, she gratefully contributes to life at the centre through endless laundry, cleaning and cooking.

Alina, who mentors the women at the centre, has such a big heart. And although she began this ministry to help vulnerable mothers, when women like Marta are brought to the centre, she cannot turn them away.

It costs £12.50 every week to support a family or individual like Marta at the crisis centre. Once you've chosen who to support you'll receive a picture, their story and a prayer card.

We have met these women and seen the incredible difference this facility is making to them. Women who, without the centre, would still be deep in addiction, homeless or at risk from abuse. Thank you for any support you can give and your continued prayers.

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